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Time lapse amazing mural painting

Gotta see this video. It’s 8 minutes but I think it loops thru twice so you don’t have to go the whole way. A mural painted in an abandoned building courtyard and shown in fast motion.

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis


My reflection staring into my iPod Touch

The thing I like about art is you don’t have to be an artist.

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Pixi pix

Made with Pixi app by Tiny Wonder Studios software on iPod.

Starburst Buddha design

From a photo of a Buddha statue I took and then effed around using GIMP filters and blurring etc etc etc  blah blah blah. whatever.

Free Texture Packs!

Wow, that was easy. Created an account over at and loaded up 4 free texture packs.  Yes free for personal and commercial use. has a very user-friendly and simple way to load files and make them available for sharing.  (note I also added their widget to my sidebar).  So if you want some free textures, here are the links to all 4 packs.  When you click the links you will be directed to to download the files.  Enjoy!  Please provide feedback.  The only thing I ask is that if you use my images, please link back to me here and also visit my t-shirt store at Check it!.

This is just a thumbnail preview from the 4 texture packs.  All 4 packs contain a total of 45 images.

Preview of available textures

Preview of available textures

Texture Pack 1

Texture Pack 2

Texture Pack 3

Texture Pack 4

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